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Barrington Hills Illinois     Morelia Mexico   

AM Festivus
Ham Shack

While in Barrington Hills, I'm usually on 75 meter AM and belly up to the op table. Here I am buzzarding on the Flex SDR-5000A.

Donald Neils Buck of Chicago held the call from 1922 until the fall of 1926 when Elmer Lawton of Plymouth Illinois is listed. Elmer held the call for the next 36 years. In 1969 Brooks Short of Anderson Indiana became W9AD.

Herb Brier was assigned the call in 1975. Interestingly his name appears in the 1982 Buckmaster but nowhere else in any official callbook listing. W9AD was assigned to only one other individual, a Dr. Arthur D. Code sometime after 1996. Under the vanity program he vacated the call for AD7C, presumably his initials, after moving to Tuscon Arizona. I applied for and was granted the call in 2002. 

I hope you enjoy your visit to my web page. Please feel free to roam around and look at the ham shack. Presently I am using a  Flex Radio SDR-5000 and remotely controlling the entire station from Morelia or the office with Larry Phipps's (N8LP) LP-Remote hardware and software ... great devices and good people! Catch me on the air ... AM of course! 

-- Dave W9AD

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 1931 Callbook


Call history data courtesy of Steve W3HF and Paul W9AC




Recent visitor to the W9AD microphonium .. the TRON  WA1HLR

Another smiling face dropped to buzzard on the radio .. Robert W0VMC .. voice mudulating MY carrier!

Chatting on the "Noontime Forum" from the town square in Santa Maria. WiFi is getting big in Mexico.

My wife Connie W9UY and son David KC9AJG share the hobby. While Connie is active, David is too busy with school to have time for ham radio.

and Dash passed his exam for a DOG license. His call is CanineDOG.